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SWIMMING is a great sport that helps you to stay fit without putting too much pressure on your joints.

We've dived into testing out some of the most popular swimming goggles to find you a pair that are comfortable, don't leak and are anti-fog.

The 'One size fits all' rule doesn't apply when it comes to finding the perfect pair of goggles.

So we've based our judgment on the following criteria:

  • Good seal and comfortable eye suction
  • No fogging
  • No leaks
  • Reduced glare
  • Adjusting difficulty
  • Comfort and no eye marks.

When choosing the best swimming goggles for you, make sure you bear in mind the type of swimming you'll be doing the most, as this can influence your choice of lenses: look out for polarised lenses if you are swimming in open water, and clear lenses for fitness and leisure swimming or low-lighting conditions.

Read on for our reviews of the most popular swimming goggles on the market, and choose the pair that will best suit your needs.

Ultima Air Titanium Zoggs

  • Ultima Air Titanium Goggles, £28 from Zoggs – buy here

We had mixed reviews for these ones. Although the seal is lovely and soft, where these goggles sit on your face may not be comfortable for everyone. Those with a slightly larger head may find that they rest on the eye sockets, and cause some discomfort.

We found they were easy to adjust whilst wearing, and they feature anti-fog and UV protection making them perfect for swimming in open waters.

Ultima Air Titanium Goggle's gaskets are filled with air and are made of high-quality silicone that provides a great seal.

Predator Flex Reactor Zoggs

  • Predator Flex Original Titanium Reactor Goggles, £60 from Zoggs – buy here

There's a reason why Zoggs's Predator Flex is one of the most popular choices for casual swimmers: the most advanced technology allows photochromatic lenses react to different light conditions and become tinted in bright surroundings or stay clear when more light is needed.

These swimming goggles feature a strong suction, comfortable fit, and reduced glare.

We found the vision to be clear and think they'd be an excellent choice for someone who enjoys both indoor and outdoor swimming, as they can react to different lighting conditions.

They were comfortable to wear for long periods of time, making them one of our favourite options.

Futura Speedo

  • Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Female Goggles, £20 from Speedo – buy here

These goggles by Speedo had the largest fit, which made them comfortable to wear: they feature a wide viewing area which also makes it easy to see in low-lighting pools.

They feature a button on the side to easily adjust the straps to the perfect length.

Although they did start to fog up after a while, we'd still recommend them for indoor swimming because of the clarity that wide vision lens creates in the water.

Predator Flex Polarized Zoggs

  • Predator Flex Original Polarized Goggles, £36 from Zoggs – buy here

If you like swimming outdoors, opting for goggles with polarized lenses is a great idea as they reduce glare and reflection from the water's surface.

We found them very comfortable to wear but not particularly easy to adjust once wearing.

The Predator Flex Polarized Goggles didn't leave any goggle marks around our eyes after swimming and didn't leak, but they did fog up a little after a while.

Michael Phelps XCEED Mirrored Lens

  • MP XCEED Mirrored Lens Goggle, £21.99 from Wiggle – buy here

Preparing for a swimming competition or triathlon maybe? Look no further than the Michael Phelps Xceed Mirrored Lens Google.

For everyday swimming, we didn't find them the most comfortable. The goggles themselves are quite small, and we found that they sat uncomfortably on the eye socket.

However, they had a comfortable and easy-to-adjust strap and had a great peripheral vision.

Their silver mirror coating reduces brightness and glare, making them ideal for indoor race conditions.

Aqua Sphere Kaliman

  • Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggle, £13.95 from Amazon – buy here

The Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles have great suction and bright vision, but we found they were a bit difficult to loosen once wearing and the seal is quite firm.

These were the only goggles that leaked, but the water stayed in the area between the lens and the seal.

Although they proved to give the brightest vision for indoor pools, we found that the leaked water drops are constantly in front of your eyes can be rather annoying while swimming.

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