Bargain hunters share their weird and wonderful market finds

Priceless! Bargain hunters share their weird and wonderful market finds – including a glass eye and a ‘signed’ photo of Jesus

  • Bored Panda has collated random market finds in amusing online photo gallery
  • They were sent in from people across globe including a glass eye and vertebrae 
  • Other bizarre objects include signed photo of Jesus and a tortoise painting

A series of weird but wonderful objects people have bought from flea markets have been shared online. 

Bored Panda has collated an amusing photo gallery consisting of pictures which were sent in by bargain hunters from around the world.

But while the well-known saying is ‘one’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ – we’re not sure the popular catchphrase applies in this instance.

From a glass eyeball and a rubber human vertebrae, to a signed ‘authentic’ photograph of Jesus and threatening dinner dish – these valuable finds are truly bizarre.

What’s your poison? It seems it was death by dinner for one unsuspecting guest at a dinner party  

A helping hand! In light of her recent purchase, one market goer gave her partner the shock of his life when he saw this on the kitchen table

Waffling on! This shopper ironed out problems with her sweet cravings when she bought her very own keyboard waffle iron

An eye for an eye! When one woman felt someone watching her, she turned around to discover it was just a glass eye

A good omen! One lucky bargain hunter was delighted to find a certified ‘authentic’ autographed picture of Jesus 

Chewing it over! While many hate the sound of someone munching on their food loudly, one person took it a step further when they crocheted this decorative piece

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Pulling our leg! A driver revealed her foot was in her mouth when she drove past a massive vertebrae on her way home from work

Slow coach! A woman and her partner discovered this arty painting while out shopping – but  were more amused when they found out the artist

Baring all! This woman was scared to death when a snake appeared to come out of nowhere and chew half her face off 

Pac’s a punch! This colourful and gaming-inspired jacket is the perfect ensemble for a job interview – as you’ll be sure to make an impression!

Grate find! One market lover thought he’d bagged himself a right bargain when he found a Teenage Ninga Turtle shredder

Fancy a cuppa? This lady told how she found this jar to put your coffee grounds in – and it even comes complete with a fake electrical cord

Oh baby! Another was gobsmacked to find an entire bag of babies from her local flea market – their purpose is still unknown

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