Balenciaga's new catwalk sees models trudging through a muddy catwalk

Balenciaga baffles social media users by covering its Paris Fashion Week runway in MUD for models including Kanye West – with one quipping: ‘Imagine how bad it smells in there!’

  • Balenciaga’s Paris Fashion Week show raised eyebrows with its muddy runway
  • Kanye West joined models to trudge down the filthy terrain yesterday 
  • Social media users joked the brand is like a ‘social experiment’ that’s gone wild 
  • Another quipped: ‘Imagine how bad it smells in there!’ 

Balenciaga’s Paris Fashion Week show raised eyebrows after rapper Kanye West joined other models to trudge through mud while sporting the fashion house’s latest designs. 

Balenciaga is known for it’s quirky designs but people have been left perplexed by the muddy runway yesterday, as models walked down as if they were on a grim powerwalk through a wet field. 

The show opened this weekend in Paris, with it girl Doja Cat in attendance, model Bella Hadid also made an appearance, as a model wearing studded facial prosthetics.

Social media users were baffled by the showcase, with some saying it was like a ‘social experiment gone wrong’. 

The Paris Fashion Week show saw models trudging through mud wearing clothes costing thousands in a nod to ‘individualism’ 

Yeezy does it! Rapper and designer Kayne West was seen stomping through the slippery runway in a ‘gears of war’ style security outfit as he opened the SS23 collection show

Twitter users blasted the brand for being a ‘social experiment’ the brand is known for it’s quirky designs and gets people talking with it’s out of the box concepts, this mud-slide runway got a lot of attention online

An in joke? The words ‘social experiment’ were used more than once in relation to the muddy show which saw models traipsing through thick mud as if they were on a rainy country walk instead of a catwalk

One tweeted: ‘Imagine being a part of the Balenciaga ss23 and realising you have to walk in mud.’

One joked: ‘Balenciaga having a mud fashion show, I know it smells crazy in there.’ 

Another wrote: ‘The photos from the Balenciaga mud show are awful!’

A third added: ‘Balenciaga was actually the worst thing I have ever witnessed. They all looked like they were about to go rabid and like eat the mud they were walking in like what happens to classy fashion. I feel like the only one who hated it.’ 

Several called the Balenciaga a ‘social experiment with an in-joke’. 

One Twitter user said: ‘I’m convinced high fashion, particularly Balenciaga is a social experiment aimed at how far they can push an in-joke into the public consciousness without being found out.’

However not everyone thought the use of mud was negative, with social media chiming in saying: ‘You can always count on them for having interesting sets.’ 

Kayne posted his new look to social media site Instagram with the caption ‘WAR’ where he was met with praise from fans

The show featured interesting designs including corsets for men and long black dresses with matching gloves. 

Kayne West opened the runway, almost disguised in an all black security style suit, his beard long and bedraggled looking. 

Twitter users described his look as ‘something from the Small soldiers movie’. 

Twitter users weren’t so impressed with the rappers look, joking that he looked like the ‘villain from small soldiers’

The strange show was built around a wet, mud catwalk, which saw models walking through a muddy pit, covering the new designs in splatters – something creative director Demna Gvasali says was intentional.

He also stated he no longer felt the need to ‘explain’ his collections. 

He opened the show by saying: ‘Individualism in fashion is downgraded to pseudo trends dictated by a post in stories of some celebrity of the moment fashion in its best case scenario should not need a story to be sold to someone, let us let everyone be anyone.

‘I’ve decided to no longer explain my collections and verbalise my designs, but to express a state of mind.

The show’s creator Demna Gvasali said he no longer felt the need to explain himself, by saying the show was ‘down to earth’ quite literally 

Fashion commentator Osama Chabbi said the ‘best part of the show was the mud’ in a ladbible article

‘Fashion is a visual art and all we need is for it to be seen through someone’s eyes. Fashion in its best case scenario should not need a story to be sold to someone. You either like it or not.

‘The set of this show is a metaphor for digging for truth and being down to earth.’

Fashion commentator Osama Chabbi agreed according to ladbible , writing online: ‘My favourite part about today’s Balenciaga show is the mud.

‘The mud all over the clothing, the platforms and dresses as models walk through the dirty pit.

‘Perhaps luxury isn’t as precious as we’d like to think after all?’

Bella Hadid(bottom right) was among the models who were decorated with studded facial prosthetics and vivid contact lenses by make-up artist Alexis Stone to suit the grimy terrain

Not all reviews were bad – with one person crediting Balenciaga with having an interesting set design

Among many of the new designs, Balenciaga’s Spring Summer 2023 collection featured steampunk style corsets for men in different colors

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