Baker shares simple recipe for cinnamon rolls – and you can make them in a mug

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A self-taught baker has wowed her fans with a quick-fix cinnamon roll recipe – with no baking skills required.

Eloise Head, 26, who owns the Instagram page of FitWaffle Kitchen, said the recipe only takes two ingredients to make the dough.

In a clip posted on Saturday, the food lover showed her 227,000 fans how to make the sweet bun in a mug.

The two household staples needed for the dough are 50g of self-raising flour and 60g of Greek yoghurt.

She said: "Mix these together and make it into a dough ball. Place it on a floured surface and roll it into a rough rectangle."

Next step is all about the cinnamon filling.

Eloise put one tablespoon of granulated sugar into the 10g of melted butter and added half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and stirred it into a paste.

"Scoop the paste onto the dough and spread it out," she detailed.

"Then fold the long edges into the middle [of the dough] and roll it up loosely."

She placed the dough into a mug and sprinkled some sugar and cinnamon on top as an extra topping before she shoved it into a microwave under high heat for 50 seconds only.

Eloise added: "My microwave is 750W and 50 seconds on high was about perfect. Try not to over cook as the dough will go chewy!"

Lastly, she mixed icing sugar and milk together and poured it on top of the bun and the dish is complete.

Viewers were impressed how simple and easy the recipe is as they praised the sweet pastry can be made within minutes.

One wrote: "Wow that's so simple! Will definitely have to try this!"

"This looks brilliant!" another said. "And you can do it in the microwave?!"

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