Audie Cornish to Host Weekly CNN Podcast on Culture Debates: Nothing Is Off-Limits

Audie Cornish’s forthcoming podcast for CNN Audio, “The Assignment With Audie Cornish,” will premiere Thursday, Nov. 17.

In this candid weekly show, the CNN anchor and correspondent will have conversations with everyday people “at the center of debates that are rocking the culture.” Topics in the weekly show will span the arts, education, politics, business and sports. According to CNN, the podcast will present stories from inside communities and cultures “shaping what we experience.” “The Assignment With Audie Cornish” will release new episodes every Thursday and will be available to stream on CNN Audio, as well as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcast platforms.

“I’m thrilled to launch ‘The Assignment’ with the CNN Audio team,” Cornish said in a statement. “I’ve long wanted a show that spotlights the voices of real people living through stories at the intersection of hard news and pop culture.”

She added: “Nothing is off-limits, as we jump into thought-provoking conversations grappling with issues most of us only argue about.”

The news veteran joined CNN in January 2022. Originally, Cornish came on board to host a show on CNN+ as well as a podcast — but Warner Bros. Discovery shut down CNN+ one month after the subscription-streamer launched.

Cornish previously spent nearly two decades as a journalist at NPR, co-hosting the public radio broadcaster’s flagship news program “All Things Considered.” She won a George Peabody Award for her work with David Isay’s StoryCorps 9/11 Project, and the National Press Foundation recognized her work with the 2020 Sol Taishoff Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism.

“The Assignment” joins CNN Audio’s podcast lineup, which includes “All There Is With Anderson Cooper,” “Downside Up With Chris Cillizza,” “CNN 5 Things,” “CNN One Thing,” “Chasing Life With Dr. Sanjay Gupta,” “The Axe Files With David Axelrod,” “Tug of War,” “Very Scary People” and “Silence Is Not an Option With Don Lemon.”

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