Asda customer slammed for ‘shaming’ shopper’s list full of ‘horrendous’ mistakes

A shopper was left in hysterics after she found someone's shopping list that was full of errors – but people weren't impressed by her antics.

The list was said to be full of "'absolutely horrendous" spelling errors, with a "quecumber" having featured on the list.

Emily Phillips was shopping at Asda in Edinburgh when she discovered the list in the basket, and thought it would be fun to have a little look.

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When she looked at the list Emily discovered up to 15 spelling mistakes including "redi maid lasanier", "serial" and "quecumber".

The only word actually spelt correctly was "milk".

Other blunders included "buther" for butter, "choclit", "mins meet", "sweat potatas" and "colsar".

She then told her colleagues about the list, and shared a snap of it on social media, and it's since been viewed by more than 300,000 people.

Many people they thought it was hilarious, but others thought it was a bit harsh to poke fun at the list.

One person even said Emily could have made the person "feel small" for highlighting their spelling errors.

Emily told Edinburgh Live: "I was shopping in Asda.

"I find something in the bottom of the basket all the time, and I'm really nosey so I always look through people's shopping lists to see what they've been getting.

"I opened that one and thought 'what?'. I thought it was so funny and I was really laughing so I took a photo and sent it to my friend. I was in real tears with laughter.

"At first, I thought it was really funny then I was like 'oh bless'.

"Then I threw it away but I had to take a photo because I thought it was really funny."

Even though she thought it was funny, she said you could still understand each word "very easily".

The words are written like they sound – and some words were spelt "harder" than they actually need to be.

Emily admitted she showed people at work over a number of weeks, and then some of her co-workers told her to post in on Twitter.

They thought other people would probably see the funny side of it too.

"I've got 150 followers and I wondered why so many people were liking it," she added.

But, since she shared the list, many people have responded in the comments and people seem quite divided about the whole thing.

One person said: "If you were intending to make the author look small, you've achieved the opposite effect."

Another said: "Buther killed me off."

A third replied: "Quecumber is excellent'.

Meanwhile, another was more understanding, adding: "I can read and understand every item, as could the person that wrote it. That's the main thing."

Emily said: "When I saw the notifications on Twitter, I thought 'oh my God, loads of people have seen it, I don't know what to do'.

"Loads of people have tagged their friends and laughed at the spelling.

"One person said I was trying to make someone feel small. I just said that I'm not, it's just a laugh, cheer up.

"I don't know who this person is, I don't know if the person who wrote that was doing it for a laugh.

"It does seem almost unbelievable because you would assume people could spell really simple words.

"It's not about trying to bully someone, I don't know who the person is and I'm never going to see them.

"Oh well, people will think I'm trying to be mean but I'm not."


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