Amazon Prime worker startles shopper with odd reaction to customer query

An Amazon Prime shopper was left startled by the reaction of one of the brand's customer service representatives as she asked for help with her package.

The customer, known as Lucy, took to Twitter to post a screenshot of the baffling exchange between her and the rep, known as Abigail, on the Amazon Service Customer Service chat page.

Lucy asked for help after she was told her package was handed to a receptionist.

She wrote: "The Amazon app says the package was handed to a receptionist. I don't have a receptionist, I just live in a house lol."

The message she got back from Abigail simply read: "Lol."

Sharing the exchange with her 595 Twitter followers, Lucy wrote: "Okay," followed by two smiley face emojis.

The tweet soon when viral with social media users chuckling over the exchange.

At the time of publication, it currently has 4,000 retweets and more than 72,000 likes.

One Twitter user: "OK, this made me actually LOL."

While another added: "No solution, just vibes."

A third joked: "I used to work in Amazon Customer Services. Completely understandable response."

Despite sharing the response online, it didn't seem like Lucy had taken offence to the message.

She added: "She [Abigail] has clearly captured the pandemmy mood of the nation and for that we must Stan. Stay safe xo."

Lucy also revealed there was a solution to her query, adding: "Abigail proceeded to inform me that I actually do have a receptionist, in the form of a bush out front, so all ended well."

Daily Star Online has contacted a representative of Amazon for comment.

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