Aldi shoppers save £500 on catering costs with bargain tip and charcuterie board

Parties can be an expensive venture meaning that many Brits prefer not to host when they’re on a tight budget.

After all, when you’re providing all the food and drinks for a number of people the costs quickly rack up!

Luckily for us, two members of the Facebook group “Aldi UK Shopper” have shared their crafty hacks for feeding large families at a party.

And, they slashed almost £500 from the regular cost.

One person managed to save £495 by opting for a buffet-style charcuterie board using Aldi buys while another stocked up on BBQ meat at 75% off.

That’s an incredible saving!

The party buffet was put together after a woman was quoted hundreds of pounds to cater a 70-person wedding anniversary celebration, reports the DailyRecord.

She said: "Buffet I did for my Aunt and Uncles Golden wedding anniversary yesterday.

“95% Aldi (had to buy speciality bread, pretzels and monkey nuts elsewhere) got quoted £635 for it, it cost me £140 and a bit of creativity."

Over 3,000 people have liked the snaps of the pretty buffet table which features breads, a number of cheeses, pate, meats, salads, crisps, pretzels, scotch eggs, pork pies, fruits and chutneys.

One person said: "That looks amazing, and I bet the £635 one wouldn't be anywhere near as good as yours"

“Fantastic looking spread,” added another. “I bet your family were extremely grateful. Hopefully today you can have a rest!"

While a third noted: “The way you've displayed all the food is very professional. Well done.”

The woman updated the post, and said: "Your comments are all overwhelming thank you !

“It’s not an original idea there are plenty of people doing it but I wanted to highlight the fact that you didn’t have to spend a fortune. Mission accomplished l’d say.”

Meanwhile, another shopper showed off her discounted barbecue buys.

She said: "Tonight’s bargains, For all the haters there were still two full trolley loads of discounted food for others!

"The food I got is for a big family bbq for me and my husband's wedding anniversary.”

In the snap, all the food was bought on a huge 75% discount.

The shopper commented that she went into the shop at 6.30pm to gather up the yellow sticker buys.

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