8 Best Steering Wheel Locks 2022 | The Sun UK

CAR THIEVES are sharper than ever, which is where the best steering wheel locks come in.

While they can't completely prevent a thief from taking your car, this old school method is a visual deterrent — a would-be carjacker is far less likely to try and steal your motor if they know they will have to spend an extra few minutes disabling a steering wheel lock.

However, not all steering wheel locks are created equal: some just lock the steering wheel, while others will obstruct the pedals, too.

We’ve identified the best steering wheel locks for a range of budgets, indicated what level of security our recommendations offer and have made suggestions as to how you can ramp up your car theft protection.

Bear in mind that some of these options may also help you to reduce your car insurance renewal.

What's the best anti-theft device for a car?

Car thieves like low-risk targets, such as cars that are left unlocked, still running, or with the windows open.

You can immediately reduce your theft risk by making sure your car is locked up with all the windows shut when you leave it for any significant amount of time; even having the windows open a crack can be enough for a thief to quickly gain access.

Car thieves also like cars that are parked in dark, secluded areas as they'll attract less attention when stealing than if a car is left in a busy, brightly-lit area.

In terms of devices to keep your car safe, a good steering wheel lock is among the best as it's immune to signal-boosting theft, where thieves relay the signal from your wireless fob through an amplifier to unlock your car without needing the key.

Anything that will slow a thief down, such as a steering wheel lock, an immobiliser or a kill switch will make a car thief consider stealing an easier target.

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