6 Christmas gift ideas for the dog-lovers in your life

If there’s someone in your life who describes their dog as their fur baby, or walks to the park three times a day in the hope of puppy cuddles, these are the Christmas presents they need

We all know that person who would happily admit to enjoying the company of dogs more than humans. Maybe they have an influencer-esque Instagram account dedicated to their furry friend or take three buses to the other side of London to buy their puppy its favourite dog food. Or perhaps their house is practically a museum of sausage dog memorabilia.

Whether it’s your mum, aunty or best friend, one of the great things about keeping a dog-lover close is that they’re pretty easy to buy for, as they’re bound to appreciate something special for their pet. Even if you think that their spoiled puppy has everything a dog could ever need, we can guarantee there’s a new product out there that the owner hasn’t discovered yet, or a chicer version of something they already have (poop bag to match your handbag, anyone?)

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And maybe this is a good time to say that it is absolutely socially acceptable to buy your dog a Christmas present, if you’re reading this and realising that you tick all the fur parent boxes. Because nothing says Christmas morning like watching your pet devour a carefully wrapped present. Just us? OK…

From personalised treat pouches to Scandi-style food bowls, we’ve rounded up all of the best gifts for the dog-lovers in your life, available to buy from indie brands at Stylist’s The Drop…

  • Concrete & Cacti Concrete Dog Bowl

    Concrete & Cacti Concrete Dog Bowl

    Whether you’re a new dog owner or have been sharing your home with a canine companion for years, you’ll be all too aware that finding pet accessories to suit your carefully curated interior scheme is a perpetual struggle. Enter: Concrete & Cacti’s minimalist dog bowls.

    Made with marbled concrete in a choice of five shades, the weightiness means they’re not easily upturned by eager paws. Plus, each one is finished with a food-safe sealant to ensure furry friends can eat and drink straight from the bowl.

    Personalise yours with the name of your pet and, for extra ease of feeding and cleaning, add a stainless-steel bowl insert for just £3 so you can seamlessly serve your canine without turning it into a dog’s dinner (sorry).


  • Sbri Personalised Leather Dog Poop Bag Holder

    The Drop: Sbri Personalised Leather Dog Poop Bag Holder

    If seemingly every person in your life now comes accompanied by a small, furry canine friend, we’ve just found the perfect present for them (or yourself, if you also succumbed to The Great Lockdown Dog Boom).

    “Forget traditional plastic poo bag holders, try Sbri’s chic leather version,” says Stylist’s style director Polly Knight, who became mum to Roger the miniature schnauzer earlier this year. “Available in eight colours, it can be personalised with your initials or your pup’s name for even more style points. Trust me, poo bags never looked so good!”

    The handy pouch stores a standard sized roll of bags, has a dispenser slot at the bottom for easy access when nature calls, and clips onto Rex’s lead or your keys, leaving the walker hands-free. You’ll never get caught short again…


  • & So They Made Personalised Dog Breed Notebook

    The Drop: & So They Made Dog Breed Notebook

    Whether you’re a devoted dog parent or an admirer who stops to pat all the good boys in the park, & So They Made’s personalised notebooks are ideal for all canine fans. Choose from 10 beautifully illustrated covers showcasing popular breeds including labradors, French bulldogs and golden retrievers, available in 20 different colours.

    Made from FSC-certified paper, the 80-page notebooks come in three formats: dotted lines, plain pages or daily planners. If this sounds like the perfect gift for the dog fanatic in your life, you can up the ante by adding a name, place, event or virtually any phrase to the spine. It’s what a dog-lover’s dreams are made of…


  • Kind2 The Dog One – Shampoo Bar Neem & Lavender

    Kind2 The Dog One – Shampoo Bar Neem & Lavender

    Formulated for a shiny, healthy coat and pH balanced to your dog’s skin to minimise irritation and dryness, this shampoo bar will keep your pooch smelling sweet. It contains shea butter to nourish and moisturise, neem oil to naturally repel fleas, plus lavender oil for its soothing, calming properties.


  • Sbri Personalised Leather Dog Treat Pouch

    The Drop: Sbri_Personalised Leather Dog Treat Pouch

    Whether you’re a relatively new dog parent or a longtime canine owner, you’ll know the faff that comes with juggling treats for your furry baby to reward their good behaviour. Rather than having to pull out a pedestrian plastic sandwich bag of snacks or your jacket pockets becoming full of crumbs, Sbri has a more stylish solution in mind with its personalised leather dog treat pouch.

    Available in seven colours – mint green, lilac, fuchsia pink, orange, tan brown, black and leopard print – and two sizes, it’s super-easy to fasten to your bag, keys, belt loop or lead for more hands-free play time. Choose up to seven letters to be added in gold foil to the front of the origami-style pouch and wait for the admiring comments from other dog owners to roll in…


  • Emma Warren Doodle Dog Embroidered Sweater

    The Drop: Emma Warren Doodle Dog Sweater

    Gloucestershire brand Emma Warren Design just brought together two of our favourite things: comfy sweatshirts and dogs.

    Each sweater features embroidered doodles of beloved breeds, from miniature schnauzers to dachshunds. Now you won’t even have to tell anyone you’re a dog person.


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