5 ways to treat yourself and win big at Compass One

Some things can sound too good to be true, especially when they involve good food, great experiences, freebies and vouchers. But during this shopping season, Compass One is offering all visitors the opportunity to enjoy all these, and perhaps even more.

The family-friendly mall, which is located next to Sengkang LRT/MRT station, is offering a variety of options to treat yourself and your loved ones to shopping, lifestyle and dining delights.

Here are five ways that you can do just that and possibly win big in a lucky draw.

1. Pretty up with a makeover

Exclusive Rose Bomb Palette by Korean make-up guru Pony from Etude House. PHOTO: ETUDE HOUSE

A simple makeover is the ultimate treat in looking and feeling different, but it doesn’t have to involve a large team of experts fussing over your hair and wardrobe. Sometimes all it takes is just one new item.

Available at Etude House (#01-23), Pony’s Rose Bomb Palette ($42.90) is an exclusive eye shadow selection handpicked by renowned Korean make-up guru Pony that will ensure that you’ll always look pretty in pink. With 15 elegant and blendable rose-hued shades from neutral, pale matte pink to deep shimmery purple, and an array of finishes, you can easily create a variety of looks that are perfect for a casual day look or a special night out.

Share your great beauty find with loved ones. Better yet, get a palette for your mother, sister or best friend and have fun coming up with new looks for each other.

Available for $42.90 at Etude House (#01-23).

2. Customise your meal

WOK HEY’s egg fried rice is a delicious made-to-order family favourite with fresh succulent prawns. PHOTO: WOK HEY

There’s nothing quite like the smoky “wok hei” aroma of the coffee shop zi char to send your mouth watering and trigger memories of hearty family meals settled outside or delicious late night suppers.

At WOK HEY (#B1-42), you get to enjoy every bit of that charred goodness, but achieved with minimal use of a healthier oil option. The offerings at the takeaway store are familiar and will certainly satisfy your zi char cravings. Dig into family favourites such as egg fried rice with fresh succulent prawns, prepared upon order. Sprinkle on tobiko for a fresh kick.

WOK HEY’s Fresh Ramen is one of many customisable options on the shop’s menu. PHOTO: WOK HEY

One of the highlights is the fresh Japanese ramen cooked to perfection and prepared just the way you like it. You can choose from a variety of fresh and tasty add-ons to go with your meal too. Another delicious option is the fresh al dente udon, topped with grilled chicken and crunchy vegetables.

The Fresh Udon at WOK HEY is al dente and cooked to perfection with grilled chicken and crunchy vegetables. PHOTO: WOK HEY

3. Indulge your appetite

The Abundance Bara Chirashi Don at Sakae Sushi promises all the tantalising flavours of the sea. PHOTO: SAKAE SUSHI

Memories are always made when gathered around the table. If you love fresh, succulent seafood, Sakae Sushi (#04-06) is just the restaurant to visit. Try its Abundance Bara Chirashi Don ($28) that promises delicious and fresh cuts of fish varieties bursting with the flavours of the sea, atop a bed of Vitamin E enriched rice.

4. Nourish your body

Eu Yan Sang’s quality premium bottled bird’s nest series has something for everyone. PHOTO: EU YAN SANG

Pamper your loved ones with the all-in-one nutrition booster — Eu Yan Sang’s (#B1-31) widest selection of premium bottled bird’s nest series. Each bottled bird’s nest is prepared using only quality cave nest with heritage formula — no stabilisers and no preservatives added.

Bird’s nest is known for its neutrality, making it perfect for all types of body constitutions.

5. Cherish a reunion with family

Dig into juicy and tender pieces of Samsui Ginger Chicken with the whole family. PHOTO: SOUP RESTAURANT

Food brings family and friends together. And there’s no better place than Soup Restaurant (#03-12) to gather your loved ones to enjoy a feast and catch up with one another. It is known to serve authentic Chinatown heritage cuisine that is steeped in the Samsui woman’s philosophy of simplicity, warmth and reunion.

Signature dishes prepared with traditional recipes include Samsui Ginger Chicken and a variety of nourishing herbal soups.

The nourishing Double-boiled Cordyceps Flower with Chicken Soup is one of Soup Restaurant’s signature dishes. PHOTO: SOUP RESTAURANT

From July 8 to Aug 4, winning big and being rewarded is as effortless as treating yourself well at Compass One.

Spend a minimum of $10 in a single receipt at any food and beverage retailer (excluding Kopitiam) and take part in the TOTO:LY Weekly Huat Makan Draw. Also, stand to win Compass One vouchers worth up to $200 during the TOTO:LY Lucky Draw. Double your winnings when you spend at the featured non-food and beverage retailer of the week and stand to win up to $400 in Compass One vouchers. Visit http://compassone.sg/totolymakan for more information.

Combine a maximum of three same-day receipts across all retailers, and you can even redeem a set of lucky TOTO:LY tea towels with a minimum spending of $150.

In addition, expect points giveaway galore at Compass One for all customers this month. Redeem 500 Compass One points when you spend a minimum of $120.

Terms and conditions apply.

Visit www.sphlovelifeandwin.com for more stories and promotions on SPH Love Life & Win.

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