5 Luxurious Things Selena Gomez Spends Her Fortune On

Texas-bred pop star and celeb Selena Gomez started gaining fame as a child actor in ‘Barney And Friends’. She also made guest appearances in Hannah Montana and later starred in another Disney show called ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’.

It does not come as a surprise that she likes to live a luxurious life, given her estimated net worth of about $60 million. Selena’s Television career was just the beginning of her success. But she gained even more popularity with her parallelly growing music career. At one point, when Gomez was dating Justin Bieber, they were looked at by fans as the major power duo.

Even after her dramatic breakup with her fellow pop star, Gomez has continued to dazzle. She is known to spend a fortune on properties, cars, and jets. But that is not all. Her real extravagance lies in her fortune on her outfits and her self-care regime, including skincare and working out.

5 A List Of Luxury Homes

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Selena Gomez had bought a luxury mansion in Texas for $3.5 million, and called it her dream home for a while. A look at the interiors justifies that price tag. This one property alone has three fireplaces alongside five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. Even the pool is striking with its lagoon-style saltwater. The celeb sold this house later at a loss of $2.7 million.

She had another luxury house in Studio City which she purchased for $2.5 million. This was a real estate with 3,188 square feet of area and came with all the luxury amenities like a fancy home gymnasium and four-bedroom-four-bathroom combo. Alongside the swimming pool and the hot tub, it also boasted a gourmet kitchen.

Selena’s Calabasas property is another on her list, bought for a sumptuous amount of $3.69 million. This location has a defined sense of privacy as it is within a private Calabasas community and comes with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a few guesthouses.  Selena sold this later at a loss of $3.3 million.

4 Frequent Expensive Parties

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Back when Selena was dating Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, she could not be there for his birthday. She made up for her absence on this special day by being the bar tab’s sponsor, which cost her a fortune. The pop singer, Abel Tesfaye, chose Dave and Busters to party with his friends and the bar tab came to a jaw-dropping sum of $30,000.

Selena also offered to sponsor the wedding party of her cousin. Even buying her a fancy wedding dress and paying for the extravagant bachelorette party at Four Seasons, Punta Mia in Mexico. Speculations suggest that Selena must have splurged even more to let her beloved cousin have the most luxurious experience of her wedding.

3 A Plethora Of Fancy Outfits

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Selena Gomez has a reputation to maintain when it comes to fashion. She is known to create different ambiances through her outfits brilliantly, and she has a special place for the timeless retro age. She has spent a fortune on some of the fanciest outfits ever.

There was the expensive Celine outfit by Hedi Slimane, which she wore on a premiere carpet; it is said to have cost her about $15,900. She paired this up with the Panthere De Cartier Ring, which was more expensive than the entire outfit, and it cost her $54,500. Selena has a taste for opulent jewelry items, for example, the Bvlgari Necklace she wore on one of the premiere carpets.

2 A High Costing Self Care Routine

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Selena’s high-functioning self-care regime begins with her daily skincare routine right when she wakes up. She is known for spending $312 every morning on her skincare products, which include a $39 Clarisonic Peel Wash, a $169 Clarisonic Device to apply it with, Dr. Dennis products that cost about $689.

She is also part of a regular yoga routine; taking yoga classes for $300 each class. That would be around $2400 even if she only takes two classes each week, but fans guess it is more frequent than that given her well-maintained physique.

1 Expensive Automobiles

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Selena is known to own a private jet which might have cost her about $960,000 with some extra leg space, but that’s not all. She also owns at least one SUV and other fancy cars. The Ford Escape is one of the high-ranking SUVs in America and Selena owns one for traveling in style.

The young pop star also exudes her beach vibes when she goes around on her Cool Blue Vespa Buddy 125 to take on girl trips or solo rides. One such model with 60 miles per hour costs around $2800, and Selena can easily afford it.

Even the pet she adopted, Winnie, costs her a fortune in terms of the dog’s annual care. She spends a lot on antique pieces to decorate her rooms. Selena is also known to be a spendthrift when making a grand entry in a concert, such as the ones she has made at the Coachellas. She makes it evident that looking shiny does not come in cheap, and she spends a ton to maintain this glowing image.

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