200,000 LifeStraw Water Filters Were Sold Last Prime Day — and This Year, There Are More Filters to Choose From

Some of this year’s best Amazon Prime Day deals include instant pressure cookers and robotic vacuums, but there’s one far-fetched item that will likely be just as big of a hit, if last year’s numbers are any indication of what’s to come.

The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter was one of Amazon Prime Day’s best-selling items in 2019 — the company reported that more than 200,000 units were sold over that two-day stretch. This year, in addition to its uber-popular filtering straw, new products from the brand are also on sale, so similar results can be expected. 

Before getting into the newer LifeStraw inventions, let’s talk about the straw-like water filter that popularized the brand: It’s nearly 50 percent off today. The portable device gets rid of nearly all the gunk (think: bacteria, parasites, microplastics) that normally live in natural bodies of water to ensure safe sipping. It’s perfect for bringing on hikes and other trips — the tool is so small, it fits in pockets and purses. At just $9.99, it’s the same amazing deal as last year, so if you didn’t grab one in 2019, it’s time to now.

Buy It! LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, $9.99 (orig. $19.95); amazon.com

That’s not where the filtering fun ends. Following LifeStraw’s massive success with its signature product, it’s expanded to other handy items. And since it’s Prime Day, these are all on sale as well. 

If you’re into socially distanced hikes and runs this year, the Water Filter Bottle Adapter Kit is a must-have. It screws on top of Nalgenes, Hydroflasks, and other popular bottles and works the exact same way as the straw. For those who have always been skeptical of public water fountains, this find can flood you with ease. 

It’s simple to use: Just place the filter in the bottle, and clean water will flow through the leak-proof top. Usually $35, the kit is available today for just under $30. It’s a great stocking stuffer for the sporty adventurer in your life. 

Buy It! LifeStraw Universal Water Filter Bottle Adapter Kit, $29.51 (orig. $34.95); amazon.com

Lifestraw also now has a filtered pitcher that works the exact same way as your classic Brita. It gets rid of chemicals, lead, heavy metals, and parasites via microscopic pores as water passes through. 

Plus,. it’s safe to use for up to 1,000 gallons of water, which, to put it in perspective, is 16,000 cups. You’ll be hydrating safely for a long, long time with this thing. 

Buy It! LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitcher, $54.95 (orig. $49.49); amazon.com

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