14 Best Compact Umbrellas 2022 | The Sun UK | The Sun

NOBODY wants to look like a drowned rat when Britain's doing what it does best (raining).

The best compact umbrellas are basically as essential as your front door key in this country.

Easy to pack away and whip out when needed, they're a practical necessity for drizzly days.

Although some people prefer huge brollies to double as a walking stick, they're just annoying to carry and you can still get large designs which tuck away neatly into your bag.

From Next and ASOS, to John Lewis and even Sainsbury's, pretty much every retailer out there stocks compact umbrellas nowadays.

You can even get one to match your outfits. Love wearing loud clothes? Go printed. Prefer black-on-black? Grab a minimal style that'll stand the test of time.

Some people prefer investing in an umbrella so that it doesn't break, although cheap ones are less annoying to lose and we've all lost an umbrella in our time.

We've found the best compact umbrellas on the internet. Soon you'll be hoping for rainy days…maybe.

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