Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom is 'low budget rehashed garbage' claim user reviews

While the majority of players think Tears Of The Kingdom deserves all the praise, a small but loud portion of fans vehemently disagree.

It’s very easy to assume that everyone, their parents, their grandparents, and even their pets love The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom. The game has received perfect scores from multiple outlets (including us) and has quickly become one of the best-selling entries in the franchise.

However, as some of our own readers have pointed out, Tears Of The Kingdom (and by extension Breath Of The Wild) isn’t for everyone and aggregator Metacritic makes it very easy for displeased fans to make their feelings known.

The website now allows anyone to post user reviews for the game and while it boasts a comfortable average user score of 8.6 (just one pip below Breath Of The Wild’s score), it’s attracted plenty of negative reviews.

It’s certainly not being review bombed like Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC was but, at the time of writing, at least 300 people have marked it with scores as low as 0/10.

People are obviously entitled to not like Tears Of The Kingdom. A quick glance through the mixed reviews shows people admitting that they weren’t fans of the previous game, and Tears Of The Kingdom’s new mechanics and content simply isn’t enough to win them over to its formula.

‘There’s some really great new features but at the same time it feels far too similar to [Breath Of The Wild],’ reads a 6/10 review. ‘The story also gets old quick, after you’ve experienced one of the four objectives you’ve seen them all because they just keep recycling the same plot for each area.’

Quite a number of user reviews describe the game as Breath Of The Wild 1.5, arguing that it feels more like a DLC expansion than a separate game worth paying full price for.

‘It’s just Breath Of The Wild with incremental updates, what else is there to say?’ reads a blunt 5/10 review.

The lower the review scores get, though, the more… let’s say flawed their arguments become, with various accusations of Nintendo just being lazy by reusing the previous game’s map.

‘DLC for $70?! In 2023, 20-25fps in a game that is positioned as a new part. A game in which the map has not changed, the same enemies, sounds, animations, no voiceover. What have the developers been doing for six years?’ reads one of the 0/10 reviews.

Frame rate is another common complaint, with one 4/10 review saying it would’ve been a 10/10 were it not for Nintendo ‘hindering the creativity of their own developers by refusing to make decent consoles.’

Others express discontent for the Ultrahand and building mechanics, as well as continuing to have breakable weapons, equating their personal dislike with bad design.

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There’re also accusations of a general bias towards Nintendo from fans and critics. We spotted one review claiming all the positive reviews were paid for, with another saying, ‘The fact that this low budget rehashed garbage got a 96 proves there are double standards and hypocrisy among these critics. … If this were just a PS4/Xbox One game for $60 without the Legend Of Zelda title, the narrative would’ve been so different.’

As always, it’s nearly impossible to take such user reviews seriously. One 0/10 review literally just consists of a complaint about the lack of Portuguese subtitles. A disappointing oversight, maybe, but is that all it takes for a 0/10?

Not that any of it matters, since the positive user reviews effortlessly drown them out. There are well over 2,000 and a quick scan of the first page of them shows almost nothing but 10/10 scores.

‘The perfect game, loads of mechanics and incredible creativity. Definitely the game of the year,’ reads one.

Another addresses the more negative reviews by saying, ‘The negative reviews for this game are really funny to me. This game is not a DLC or Breath Of The Wild 1.5. It has a huge amount of new content and alters Hyrule drastically.’

One 9/10 review admits that they initially didn’t like the new Ultrahand mechanic but changed their mind upon playing the game, ‘I thought building things with Ultrahand was gonna be dumb and/or not enjoyable but I was wrong, it’s very fun and actually feels worthwhile most of the time.’

The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch.

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