Watch Wheelsboy Test Drive a Convertible Chinese Suzuki Jimny

Continuing its documentation of the Chinese automotive industry, Wheelsboy has just highlighted an interesting build from YiChe Garage. While the Suzuki Jimny has already established a large cult following, many enthusiasts have always voiced their desire for an open-roof version.

Following that modification spirit that is often associated with the Suzuki Jimny, YiChe Garage took it upon itself to see what a convertible Jimny would involve. The crazy, but not so surprising, aspect of this build is the fact that the garage paid some $60,000 USD to import a standard Suzuki Jimny to serve as the base of the build. Chop the top off, then add $60,000 USD worth of parts (they actually added carbon fiber fenders), and the Tank 100 is complete.

Probably the most uneconomical way to go about it, especially since the drivetrain and 100 horsepower 1.5-liter engine was not even touched, the convertible off-roader rids itself of any legal issues by rebadging itself as a “Conscience” rather than a Jimny. Check out the video above to learn more about this interesting mod.

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