Watch This Iron Chef Turn Chipotle Into a Gourmet Meal

Back with another video of his ongoing video series, YouTuber Jet Bent-Lee tasked his father Susur Lee of Top Chef Canda and Food Network‘s Iron Chef America fame to turn Chipotle into a gourmet meal.

Starting with a Chicken Burrito Bowl and Tortilla Chips with accompanying Corn Salsa, Tomatillo Green-Chili Salsa and Queso, Susur dissected the ingredients of the bowl and inspected the taste of the sauces before devising the dishes of his gourmet meal. Inspired by the proud elements of Mexican cuisine, the chef made his take on horchata with the rice found in the bowl accented by cactus fruit and pumpkin seeds. Then utilizing his understanding of French and Mexican gastronomy to create a pie with the chips and toppings found on the bowl by refashioning the ingredients into new elements that come together cohesively.

Watch Susur Lee turn Chipotle into a gourmet meal above.

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