Was Ben Affleck Complaining to Ex Jennifer Garner About Other Ex Ana de Armas?

Ever since their divorce in 2017, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have become a great team in not only co-parenting their three kids, but also in supporting each other. On Thursday, the former couple was spotted by paparazzi having a heated conversation, although the anger didn’t appear to be directed at each other. It looked like Garner was a sounding board for whatever Affleck was upset about — and we are curious as to what it could be about.

Their animated meeting happened right around the time the news that the Oscar winner’s movie, Deep Water with ex-girlfriend Ana de Armas, was being shelved hit the press. Could this be the hot topic they were discussing? The film was supposed to be released on Jan. 14, but Disney’s 20th Century Studios’ took it off the calendar indefinitely. Affleck met de Armas while shooting the movie and they dated for about a year before splitting in early January. (Who could forget the early pandemic walks with their dogs?)

While the film was in production, a source told People that the on-and-off-screen couple reportedly had “great chemistry right from the start,” but now, the duo don’t even want to be in the same room. There are unverified reports that Affleck and de Armas didn’t want to promote the movie together, which put the studio in an awkward position. So maybe The Tender Bar star was venting to Garner about the news of his film and the disappointment that it may never see the light of day.

Garner has been a pillar of support for Affleck, even though he put her through a lot with nannygate and his struggles with addiction – he knows he can trust her implicitly. So on a day where he needed an ear to listen to him, he knew he could rely on his ex — whether it was about de Armas or not.

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