Unit Editions Chronicles the Career of Ed Fella

Unit Editions released a new monograph celebrating the work of the acclaimed graphic designer, artist and educator, Ed Fella.

Well-known for his imprint on the world of typography, Fella initially started in advertising creating leaflets for the healthcare and automotive industries. The commercial work was a way for Fella to make a living but his true passions lie in the avant-garde art and design trends that he would tinker with after hours. In addition to teaching roles at Cranbrook Academy of Art and CalArts from the 1980s-2010s, Fella would, in his own words, create “an alternative practice of experimental design and typography work, done pro bono for arts organizations, while pursuing personal investigations into art and photography.”

Spanning 316 pages, Ed Fella: A Life in Images charts 60 years of work that would serve as a “ground-breaking period when graphic design became intellectualized and butted up against various postmodern theories…,” said Adrian Shaughnessy, co-founder and editorial director of Unit Editions. The book is available to purchase for £60 GBP / $75 USD.

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