Twitter Appears To Be Working on a $2.99 USD Subscription Service Called 'Twitter Blue'

Twitter appears to be working on a subscription-based service called “Twitter Blue” that would include paid features like an undo button for tweets and a bookmark folder.

Researcher Jane Manchun Wong tweeted about the new feature on Saturday, which appears to still be in the development stages. The subscription would be priced at $2.99 USD per month, according to Wong.

Wong said that the bookmark collections feature does not have a search or filter function at this stage.

Twitter Blue might also offer an undo send timer for tweets, a function first teased in March.

A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment on the possibility of a paid subscription service.

The social media giant has experimented with several other features as part of its foray into premium services, including e-commerce buttons and a new paid subscription called Super Follow, which would allow users to create exclusive paid-for content.

Earlier this month, Twitter reintroduced a system that asks users to review tweets that might be harmful or offensive before sending them.
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