Tomás Saraceno Invites You to Learn From Spiders in New Immersive Exhibition

Tomás Saraceno’s latest exhibition is less of an art show and more of an invitation to think alternatively on the many ecosystems that coexist in our world. In particular, the Argentine artist furthers his ongoing research into spiders by tapping into the extraordinary architecture of their webs, along with examining the perception of fear and reverence that arachnids culturally fall into.

Housed at Serpentine Galleries in London, Web(s) of Life features unique installations where a number of spider webs are on display in glass boxes. Also on view is a film documenting Cameroon’s ancient ritual of spider divination. Saraceno implores the viewer to understand the ways in which arachnids are able to signal shifts in the weather and climate, including pollution levels and ecological well being.

Another point of immersion in the show prompts visitors to leave their phones at the entrance. The installation, made in conjunction with activists from the Salinas Grandes and Laguna de Guayatayoc basin in Jujuy, Argentina, reflects on the lithium extraction in the area and how it is polluting the water supply that powers the region. “Web(s) of Life invites us to break from our reliance on technology and reconnect with a more responsive approach to our environment,” wrote a release by Serpentine.

The exhibition will be on view in London until September 10.

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Serpentine Gallery
Kensington Garden
London W2 3XA
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