TikTok’s New AI Generator Uses Text To Create Abstract Artwork

TikTok has quietly launched an AI image generator that produces artwork from user-inputted text. Available to only select users at the moment, the effect was first reported by The Verge and is called “AI greenscreen.”

According to the publication, users are prompted to type in text, which will be generated into a piece of artwork. Creators can then utilize the art in the background of their videos. TikTok reportedly suggests the prompts “astronaut in the ocean” and “flower galaxy” as examples of what the generator can create.

There are some limitations to the new feature. The artwork produced is a swirling, abstract image, so it isn’t ideal for those looking for a clear photograph. Other AI image generators, such as OpenAI’s new DALL-E 2, are capable of spitting out imagery so realistic that a viewer probably wouldn’t be able to tell it was made via AI.

It may be difficult, not to mention costly, for TikTok to integrate such intricate software into its Android and iOS apps. Additionally, The Verge noted that there could be serious repercussions to granting the platform’s billion-plus users the power to create any photorealistic image they want to.

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