These Photos of Princess Charlotte's Look-Alike Will Have You Seeing Double

Finding out you have a doppelgänger is fun; finding out you have a royal doppelgänger is life-changing. For 5-year-old Marcy Culverwell, it’s been just that, as she’s routinely stopped on the street and asked whether she’s Kate Middleton and Prince William’s daughter. Once you see these Princess Charlotte look-alike photos, you’ll know exactly why — the two look so similar that Culverwell could be her twin!

According to The Sun’s interview with Culverwell’s mother Gemma, “people stop [her and Marcy] as [they’re] walking past and say ‘oh, she looks so much like Princess Charlotte.” Marcy’s been “recognized” everywhere from Primark to passport control at Birmingham Airport — and Gemma proudly claims that Marcy looks “more like Princess Charlotte than the official look-alike does.”

Apparently, Gemma never saw the resemblance on her own, and only realized later when looking at pictures. “It’s very flattering,” she remarks. “Princess Charlotte is such a lovely little girl — always good fun and always looks beautiful, it’s a very nice comparison.” In Gemma’s opinion, the girls have more in common than just looks: “Marcy has quite a feisty edge to her,” she confesses, “but Princess Charlotte has too -— they’re like your modern-day princesses.” If Marcy does end up getting some official Princess Charlotte lookalike work, Gemma thinks she’d be well up to the part.

So, let’s take a look at this 5-year-old doppelgänger (more pictures available in The Sun). Here’s Marcy Culverwell:

And here’s Princess Charlotte:

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And here they are side-by-side:


While Gemma is largely pleased about her daughter’s look-alike status, one thing about people’s reasoning does confuse her. “I don’t know why anyone would think she would be in Meadowhall in Sheffield without her mum,” Gemma tells The Sun gaily. “I’m not Princess Kate!”

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