The Simpsons fans uncover joke that was intentionally hidden for 31 years

Fans of The Simpsons have uncovered a joke from the show’s golden era that was intentionally buried and remained unheard for 31 years.

The joke, which contains previously unheard dialogue from Marge (Julie Kavner) as she speaks to Homer (Dan Castellaneta), was originally aired in 1992.

As part of season three episode The Otto Show, Springfield Elementary School bus driver Otto Mann (Harry Shearer) temporarily moves in with the Simpsons.

During the episode, Homer takes Bart (Nancy Cartwright) to see the rock band Spinal Tap and Marge warns that loud music can cause hearing damage.

At this point, Homer chimes in, saying, ‘I went to thousands of heavy metal concerts and it never hurt me,’ but Marge’s reply is muffled by his tinnitus.

For 31 years, Simpsons fans have never known what Marge was saying while Homer’s ears were ringing, but thanks to a user on Twitter, that has changed.

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