The Legend Of Zelda movie is not in production claims Illumination

An animated film based on The Legend Of Zelda may seem inevitable but the makers of the Mario Bros. movie have denied it’s already underway.

While the idea of a sequel is absolutely guaranteed, given the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the more interesting question for many fans is what other Nintendo-related movies might also be the cards.

A Donkey Kong spin-off has already been mentioned (mostly by voice actor Seth Rogan, it has to be said) but the most obvious next step is a Legend Of Zelda movie, with recent rumours suggesting that Universal was close to signing a deal with Nintendo to have Minions creators Illumination make the film.

The idea of a Zelda movie seems such an inevitability that many fans took the rumours as read but, surprisingly, Illumination boss Chris Meledandri has made the effort to deny them, at least for now.

‘I don’t know where that came from,’ said Meledandri in regard to the rumours – although actually the source is very well known: Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider, speaking on The Hot Mic podcast.

‘I mean I can understand how people would surmise all sorts of things because obviously, we’ve had a great experience working together. My relationship with Nintendo now includes being on their board of directors, so I understand how people can surmise these things,’ Meledandri told The Wrap.

‘But in terms of the specifics, that was just something that I’ve been hearing lots of rumours. This is just about what’s next between Nintendo and Illumination.’

You’ll notice that he doesn’t exactly rule out a Zelda movie and in fact the odds are that there’s already at least a verbal agreement to make the film.

That won’t necessarily please fans though, who are worried that Illumination don’t have the right experience for a Zelda movie, given the games are generally more serious and story-led than Mario titles.

Nothing is stopping Nintendo making a deal with a different animation studio but given the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Meledandri’s spot on the Nintendo board it seems very unlikely that they’d go elsewhere.

Let’s just hope that Bonnie Tyler and AC/DC aren’t featured in the Zelda movie’s soundtrack…

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