The Innovative Way Death Is Portrayed in Hamilton Will Change How You Watch the Show

When Hamilton first hit Broadway in 2015, it blew audiences away with its creative storytelling and musical performances. Now, a whole new audience is getting introduced to the award-winning musical with its movie release on Disney+. Whether you’ve seen the show live or you’re watching for the first time, there are so many intricate details throughout, you might need to rewatch a few times just to catch them all. Case in point: the innovative way death is portrayed throughout the show.

While Hamilton, Burr, and Eliza play big roles in the story, one of the most significant characters is the Bullet. Played by ensemble cast member Ariana DeBose in the Hamilton movie (pictured above on the right), the Bullet is quite literally death personified. In fact, the Bullet is one of the first characters to die in the show. After King George III sings “You’ll Be Back,” she is discovered acting as a spy and a redcoat snaps her neck.

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