Tesla Model S Plaid Sets 1/4 Mile World Record for Production Cars

We already know how quick the

Sitting behind the wheel of the all-electric Model S Plaid, we see a helmet-clad Leno brace himself for what’s going to be a rapid launch. And sure enough, it was. As he puts his foot down, the Tesla launched from the starting line at the Auto Club Famosa strip (near Bakersfield, California) in record-setting fashion.

Guided by chief Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen (who’s keeping an eye on the clock), Leno reaches the end of the 1/4 mile in just 9.247 seconds — in other words, a world record for production cars. To put this into perspective, a Bugatti Chiron Sport did the same sprint in 9.4 seconds.

Watch the video above (which includes references to the movie Space Balls, à la “Plaid”) and expect more content to come when Jay Leno’s Garage airs again.

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