‘Terrifying’ Detective Pikachu toys are arriving looking the opposite of cute

If you've seen the new Detective Pikachu film, you’ll know that this fuzzy yellow Pokemon is probably the cutest companion ever to grace the big screen.

Voiced by Ryan Reynolds , Detective Pikachu is an adorable and warm-hearted partner to the film's protagonist, and the perfect character to be transformed into a cuddly toy.

However, some fans who've ordered the Detective Pikachu plushie have received more than they bargained for. Far from being cute, the toys are instead the stuff of nightmares.

Vacuum sealed packets have distorted Pikachu's features, leaving him more frightening than friendly.

In some cases, poor Pikachu looks so smushed that he's barely recognisable, prompting the overwhelming feeling that one simply must free him. 

Obviously, toy manufacturers don't want to take any chances over whether your Pokemon will arrive in mint condition, so the toys are being sealed for maximum protection.

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