Tell Me About Your Summer Fling And I'll Tell You If You Guys Are Gonna Last

  1. Getty ImagesWe just met a few weeks ago.We met a few months ago.We met a year or two ago.We’ve known each other for a few years.We grew up together.We met a while ago, but we don’t remember when.
  2. Getty ImagesWe always talk. We have great communication.We will sometimes talk about things.We don’t really talk about things or do stuff together.We don’t really talk about stuff — we just go with the flow.We usually just hookup.We’re only focused on hooking up, girl!
  3. Getty ImagesAll mental, no physical.An equal blend of mental and physical.They don’t mentally stimulate me at all, just physically.
  4. Getty ImagesYes, we talk about it.Eh, we don’t talk about it currently, but we’ve made little hints.TALK about it? HELL NAH.
  5. Getty ImagesNot at all, we talk all day every day.Sometimes, but we usually text throughout the day.We don’t have to talk every day, but we do check in.We talk every once in a while, but it’s not often.We may send a text or something, but it’s usually a booty call.We only speak if we run into each other.
  6. Getty ImagesTheir humor.Their looks.Their body.Their mind and how they think.Their money.I can’t choose just one thing!

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