Stefanie Sun releases new single as she celebrates 41st birthday

SINGAPORE – Home-grown Mandopop singer Stefanie Sun will celebrate her 20th year in show business in 2020 by holding a concert. Meanwhile, she launched a new single, Eternal Love, to thank her fans for their support on Tuesday (July 23) as she turned 41 that day.

She disclosed on social media that she worked on her birthday. She wrote: “At 41, I am still learning how to take care of other people without losing myself, and also learning how to be gentler to myself.”

She added: “I am still curious about the different beliefs and art forms and find myself appreciating not just wisdom, but kindness as well.”

The award-winning pop star posted several photos on Instagram, Facebook and Weibo to mark her birthday, with one showing her holding her cheek and looking afar, while another shows her laughing heartily.

Sun rose to fame after launching her self-titled debut album in 2000, which earned her Taiwan’s Golden Melody Award for Best New Artist.

She is known for hits such as Cloudy Day, My Desired Happiness, Green Light and Encounter.

She is married to Dutch-Indonesian businessman Nadim Van Der Ros and the couple have two children – a son aged six and a daughter who turned one on Thursday.

毕竟41岁还是一个学习的好年龄?今年,因为工作的需求,我在工作中度过40转41!?? 41 了,我还在学习什么是不失去自我地照顾别人,也在学习怎么对自己温柔一些。我还在体验这个烟花时代在我生活上的精彩相印,也期待最后的总结所带来的平静。我还是对不同的信仰、艺术有些好奇,也发现现在更欣赏的不只是智慧而是善良。这个生日充满期待!谢谢大家的祝福!!

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