SteelSeries Introduces The First Water-Resistant TKL Keyboard

Whether you’re downing an energy drink to keep focused on an esports session or sipping away at a more relaxing beverage during those casual gaming nights, the risk of spilling it all over your gear is always a concern. Luckily, SteelSeries have now come to the rescue with the first-ever water-resistant TKL keyboard.

Aside from being IP32 certified, the new device carries all the usual features you’d expect from an expert like SteelSeries. Whisper-quiet gaming switches rated for over 20 million keypresses provide long-term, distraction-free sessions while customizable eight-zone RGB illumination gives you that extra flair. The lighting can even react to both your games and your Discord conversations. There are also dedicated multimedia controls coming in the form of a clickable volume roller and separate media keys to allow for convenient adjustments in addition to brightness controls, and a rewind, skip and pause button.

For those interested, SteelSeries’ new Apex 3 TKL keyboard is now available over on the company’s website for $50 USD.

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