SpaceX Starlink Satellite Internet Expects Global Coverage by Fall 2021

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite is expecting full global internet coverage by the Fall of this year. With its internet service, Starlink satellite might just be able to provide users in faraway regions around the world with a high-speed connection before 2022.

Currently, SpaceX has deployed approximately 1,800 satellites for the Starlink constellation, however, this is just a mere fraction of the 12,000 satellites regulators that have been approved. Though that may be the case, the company is confident that with just 1,800 satellites, those around the world will still be able to have access to high-speed internet. President of SpaceX Gwynne Shotwell revealed earlier this week that once all 1,800 satellites hit their operational orbit, the space organization will expect to offer continuous global coverage by as early as September 2021.

Before SpaceX can offer global coverage, the company still needs to secure regulatory approval so that its telecommunications services can be available in every country. The company already has registered subsidiaries in Austria, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, France, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa and Spain. Starlink’s beta service is now only available in a few countries including U.S., The U.K. and Canada.

As a part of an FCC filing, SpaceX confirmed earlier this year that it currently has 10,000 users as a part of its initial public beta test rollout. By May, it garnered even more interest with over 500,000 Starlink orders. Starlink is expected to continue to grow in users before the expected September 2021 global coverage release.

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