SpaceX Starlink Reportedly Serves Approximately 90,000 Users Worldwide

Elon Musks‘s company, SpaceX has reported that it now has over 90,000 users around the world for its Starlink satellite internet service. SpaceX Starlink is steadily showing growth having recently noted that it has users in 12 countries.

Starlink’s new user total is determined by the number of households that have a satellite dish. In just the past month, the company seems to have added about 20,000 more users. In June, Musk said, “We are on our way to having a few hundred thousand users, possibly over 500,000 users within 12 months.” It appears that Starlink has kept its word, continually growing its usage platform and on track to fulfilling its promise to deliver high-speed internet to consumers across the globe.

Musk originally said that he expects Starlink to have “over half a million orders/deposits globally” by the end of summer 2022. Starlink is currently the world’s largest satellite constellation with over 1,700 satellites launched into space to this date.

SpaceX has recently given the FCC an overview of its future plans to begin launching. The company promises that the satellites will feature “faster speeds, lower latency and more backhaul capacity” so that it will be more capable to serve additional users. SpaceX pinpointed to the FCC that it plans to launch the SpaceX satellites via its Starship rockets. In 2019, SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell said that the Starship is able to “take 400 satellites at a time.”

In other SpaceX news, the company has just installed 29 engines on a massive heavy booster for its Starship’s first orbit flight.
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