Soulja Boy Claims He Owns Atari, Now Plans to Sell the Gaming Company

Soulja Boy is reportedly the owner of the electronic gaming company, Atari.

The rapper recently jumped on his Instagram Live to announce that he is Atari’s new big boss, “I’m now the owner of Atari. I own the video game Atari.” The artist later revealed that the company was really happy with its own video game work for SouljaGame Consoles and SouljaGame Handhelds and even claimed that he is selling his own gaming company to Atari. Soulja Boy shared, “We are about to sell the company for…$140 million [USD]. Atari reached out…I just signed two deals with Atari. I’m the owner. The first rapper to ever own a video game company.”

Aside from the gaming world, Soulja Boy is continuing to make big moves in the music industry, dropping his most recent mixtape, Big Draco earlier this summer. In other entrepreneurial ventures, Soulja Boy is a watch-seller on the side and recently raked in some profit from his soap company. Check out the video of the artist talking about Atari here.

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