Sofía Vergara Shows She's Always Been Silly At Heart With A Gorgeous Throwback Bikini Video

Sofía Vergara always makes us swoon with every single Instagram post. This time, she gave another glimpse into her early modeling career with a silly video.

On March 8, Vergara posted a video and a couple of photos of her early modeling days on her Instagram. She posted it with the caption, “#tbt República Dominicana ❤️❤️🌴🌴.”

You can see the video and photos HERE.

In the video, we see Vergara on a beach with a brown horse. She sticks to tongue out at the horse in a silly way, laughing at the whole situation. Then, in the photos, we see a close-up and regular shot of the same picture. In this stunning picture, we see Vergara rocking a black leather bikini, holding the brown horse while they both stand in the ocean.

With every photo Vergara posts, her comments are flooded with heart-eye emojis and fans calling her “gorgeous!” Whether it’s a new mirror selfie or another throwback photo, we can’t help but swoon over the Modern Family alum.

As many know, Vergara was first discovered at 17 years old on a beach in Columbia, shooting her right into the modeling scene. From her early modeling days to acting work, she’s been dubbed a modern-day beauty icon.

Vergara has said many times that she’s grateful for the modern-day beauty icon status. In a previous interview with InStyle, she revealed that her key to feeling beautiful is focusing more so within herself. “What’s most important is how you feel on the inside. And I feel beautiful when I’m with my husband and my family and friends. She added, “Don’t get me wrong: I can assure you, during those moments I’ll have some makeup on—and probably high heels.”

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