Sideswipe: January 11: Op shop finds

Partner peeves

1. “Leaving empty packets in cupboards and starting new things without getting rid of the old … empty paracetamol packets in the cupboard so I think we have some when we don’t … drives me batty. He is incredibly lovely though in other respects which is why he isn’t under the patio.”

2. “When at a social occasion he becomes completely oblivious to the needs of the kids. Leaving me running around after them and him having a jolly old time.”

3. “Clamps his armpit over the top of the duvet so when he rolls over it drags it off me.”

4. “She leaves half-drunk cups of tea all over the house.”

5. “Talks to me while leaving the room so I can’t hear what he just said. Aaargh.”

6. “If I am struggling with something, like opening a jar, or trying to do something fiddly, he will come and stand very close, looking over what I’m doing, with his hands slightly raised, as if he’s about to take over. I have nicknamed him ‘Hovering Hands’.”

7. “Looks at her phone and says out loud, in a surprised tone ‘well, that’s interesting’ and then says nothing more.”

8. “Performance yawning. I am pretty much homicidal about this. He would get an Oscar for this performance if they gave them for massively annoying overacting.”

Deal at Spotlight

Did you know

1. Each year, Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Reserve holds an online contest in which the internet checks out the chonky, pre-hibernation bods of some of the park’s biggest bears and declares one lucky ursine the year’s Fattest Bear.

2. The first-ever speeding ticket was issued in 1896 to a driver in Kent for going four times the legal speed limit. The driver was travelling at the breakneck speed of 8mph (13km/h).The speed limit was 2mph (3km/h).

3. One horse produces 15 horsepower. A human produces one horsepower.

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