Sideswipe: August 25: Crocheted Susie!

More crocheted loveliness at Cambridge-based The Good Home Project.

Justified Killing

Self-defence is widely accepted as a valid reason to use deadly force. But why is it valid? Most other kinds of killing arouse strong moral and political controversy: capital punishment, abortion, euthanasia, suicide, war, even the killing of animals. But debates about self-defence tend to accept its basic legitimacy. Even those who oppose national self-defence as a justification for war may accept the same principle in a conflict between individuals. “Not only is self-defence uniquely uncontroversial as a form of killing, but the lack of controversy persists despite the absence of any plausible account as to why it is justified,” writes philosopher Whitley R. P. Kaufman in Justified Killing (2009). “The strength and unanimity with which the assumption that killing in self-defence is morally and legally permissible is held suggest that there must be some powerful and persuasive rationale justifying such killing. But if there is such a rationale, moral philosophy has yet to find it.” (Via Futility Closet)

The kids say…

Irrational anger

Lockdown is the perfect time to stoke your anger. Wear the piece of cloth or stay at home fool! What else sets you off?
1. Recipes that start with an essay about the author. I don’t need to know your blimmin’ life story, Jessica, I’m trying to figure out how to make fried chicken. I’ve been scrolling for 15 minutes, is there actually a recipe on this damn page?!
2. People talking on their phone in public or break room at work on speakerphone.
3. Cupboards being left open at head height.
4. Getting earbuds pulled out of your ears by accident or by someone else.
5. When my significant other “soaks dishes” before washing them. The washing never happens. Surprise, surprise.

North Islander gets corrected

“To John of Green Bay, there is certainly Western Southland,” writes Red Sapwell. “It centres around Ohai, Nightcaps and Tuatapere. In the 50s and 60s when I lived in the south there was a local rugby derby comprising Eastern, Northern, Southern, and Western Southland and Town.”

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