Shygirl Breaks the Mold With Debut Album ‘Nymph’

On September 30, South London-born musical artist Shygirl released her debut album Nymph. Since jumping on the scene, the singer/DJ has generated considerable buzz due to her energetic electronic hits that channel several elements of fantasy. Now with the artist’s breakout album, she is solidifying herself as not just a newly-minted UK staple, but an international rising star.

The 12-track work beginning with “Woe” and closing with “Wildfire” provides a closer glimpse at the artist due to her emotional lyricism and enchantingly multidimensional electronic sound. What also stands out about the work is its profession of confidence and power whether it relates to beauty, sex positivity or vulnerability.

From enchanting synths to bold bass sounds, Nymph creates a world of freedom that sonically stands apart from other electronic projects in the space. On a production front, Shygirl enlisted Arca, Mura Masa and Danny L Harle to create the project’s robustly original sound.

Check out Shygirl’s debut album Nypmh, which is available now on streaming platforms.

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