Showtime's 'Bitchin'' Documentary Takes an Intimate Look at the Legacy of Rick James

Showtime has released the official trailer for Bitchin’: the Sound and Fury of Rick James.

Directed by Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men‘s Sacha Jenkins, the documentary is billed as “an intimate yet propulsive look at Rick James, one of rock, funk and R&B’s most legendary and often under-appreciated figures.” Its trailer begins with an example of James’ need for honesty in his music — something fans truly appreciate — and words from the likes of Ice Cube, Bootsy Collins and more, who comment on the parallels of the late artist’s music and history, as well as his drug abuse and the allegations of sexual misconduct.

“The ‘wild’ side of Rick James often eclipses his musical genius, but the mathematical equation that is his life depends on all of the numbers to make a whole,” Jenkins aid in a statement. “Our aim was to create a balanced portrait of a brilliant artist who both chased his dreams and stalked more than a few demons. Still, his influence on funk and popular music and culture is unparalleled, and his eventual rise to the top is easily more compelling than any freebase rush.”

James released a total of 13 studio albums — the last one being a posthumous record — and died in 2004 from pulmonary failure and cardiac failure.

Watch the trailer above. Bitchin’: the Sound and Fury of Rick James premieres September 3.

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