Show Us Your Best Two-Person Halloween Costume

Everyone knows that boos are better in twos, so if you’ve mastered the art of two-person Halloween costumes then we want to see it.


Maybe you and your BFF had an original two-person costume that made everyone else completely jealous.


Perhaps you and your partner won first place in a contest with your inventive DIY costume.


Heck, maybe you and a coworker thought of an idea that was SO good, you just had to execute it.

I see you, Snoop and Martha.


It’s time to show off your creative side. Upload a pic of your best two-person Halloween costume via the DropBox below!

And make sure you tell us what you are, in case it’s not obvious!


The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

(I love this “an old lady with her Life Alert button” costume, tbh.)


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