Sharon Osbourne doesn't think Harry and William reunion will ever happen

Sharon Osbourne has insisted the idea of a reunion for Prince Harry and Prince William is ‘a load of old b*****ks’.

The 70-year-old presenter has weighed in on comments made by the Duke of Sussex in an interview due to air on ITV News this weekend in which he admitted he wanted to ‘get his father back’ and to ‘have his brother back’ in his life.

In different outtakes from the interview, he says: ‘It never needed to be this way. The leaking and the planting’, before adding: ‘I want a family not an institution. They feel as though it is better to keep us, somehow, as the villains.

‘They have shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile. I would like to get my father back. I would like to have my brother back.’

The idea of a reunion was brought up during a discussion on TalkTV on Thursday night, and Sharon made it clear she doesn’t expect a reconciliation.

She said: ‘What a load of old b*****ks, because that is never going to happen!’

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