Sam Heughan & 'Outlander' Co-Star Graham McTavish’s Show 'Men in Kilts' Gets Very Kilty

In about a month, Sam Heughan and his former Outlander co-star Graham McTavish will be back on our screens. No, Outlander is not back yet, but they are giving us the next best thing: themselves. Gallivanting around Scotland in kilts, drinking whisky, running amok, and causing general havoc. At least it looks that way from the trailer. Men in Kilts is the gift we need in 2021, and Starz dropped the trailer and premiere date, so mark your calendars for Feb. 14. That’s right: You can spend Valentine’s Day with Heughan and McTavish… on your couch. Expect to get amazing views of Scotland, some history lessons, whisky, and of course, Big Kilt Energy.

Fair warning: There will be no fewer than 17 kilt puns in this piece, and for that I apologize. (I know what you’re thinking: “Kilt me now.”). So let’s get to it, here’s everything we know about Men in Kilts so far.


The show is a companion piece based on their new best-selling book, Clanlands. Diana Gabaldon wrote the foreword to book, and she’s the author of the books that started it all. So a big thanks to Gabaldon for thinking up a man in a kilt 20 years ago, and for the man multiplying into two men in kilts in 2021.

Based on the trailer and the book, Heughan and McTavish’s dynamic is highly entertaining. McTavish claims Heughan endangers his life numerous times and they bicker like the two old man muppets, Statler and Waldorf. Except McTavish is Statler and Waldorf in one and Heughan is a whisky-drinking Kermit in a kilt.

As for whisky, no doubt Heughan’s Sassenach whisky will make a cameo. It will be interesting to see who holds their whisky better — and my bet is McTavish, although I have no scientific reasoning behind this choice.

After seeing the new trailer, Outlander co-star Caitríona Balfe tweeted she’s ready for the kilty madness to begin.

What we know from the Men in Kilts trailer

The trailer says it’s a story of “two men who know nothing.” They said it, not me. Heughan drives. McTavish rides shotgun. And seems like a nervous passenger/backseat driver. They travel all around Scotland, and even hit up some Outlander filming locations. Simply put, the trailer can be best described as, Sam and Graham drive an RV; Sam and Graham go on a boat; Sam and Graham go on a bike; and Sam and Graham go on a motorcycle sidecar buggy thing.

Their epic road trip has them exploring Scottish food, music, dancing, and history. McTavish tells Heughan at one point as they ride tandem on a bike, “I cannot believe this was your idea of a good time.” McTavish is kind of the amazing curmudgeon we all aim to be.

They herd goats (yes goats), they run with swords, they jab them through a piñata-looking thing that seems to spurt out blood, and Heughan throws a heavy ball on a string in the air. (This seems like sports to me). They also jump in waterfalls and partake in some sort of night fire dance, in which Heughan is topless and screaming with a headdress. (Spoiler alert for my nightmare tonight).


The trailer ends with them leaning against their RV without pants. All in all, this show seems like the second best thing you can do without pants. (The first being a Zoom call of course. No. Sex. I meant sex. Must I explain all of my terrible jokes in parentheses?)

Outlander season 6 spoilers

Heughan also dropped some Season 6 Outlander filming intel in a recent interview with Parade. “It doesn’t matter if it is an intimate scene or a regular scene, we are going to be in contact with each other so I think we will be in our own bubble.” So Claire and Jamie will be in close contact. We expect nothing less from the Frasers.

Both Balfe and Heughan have said they think they’ll return to the Outlander set soon; in fact, they might already be back on set. Heughan also revealed Season 6 will show a new side to Jamie Fraser. Oooh. Keeping the Frasers fresh for the sixth season. Heughan also said the storylines from Season 6 might pull from any of the Outlander books, not just book 6, A Breath of Snow & Ashes.

Speaking of Outlander-ish things, besides Men in Kilts, if you need a fix, apparently there is a book about Jamie Fraser and Ian Murray (Steven Cree) in the years before Claire. It’s a bromance road trip called Virgins. Can Steven Cree and Sam Heughan please re-enact this on social media? Please? Will Venmo whoever for this to happen.

Men in Kilts — Valentine’s Day premiere

Come February, no doubt this show will be your kilty pleasure. Just two men in kilts running around Scotland, no big deal. One of the themes of the show is McTavish mocking Heughan at every turn, and Heughan possibly trying to off McTavish. Sign us up for this comedic attempted murder show with whisky and kilts.

So now you all have two dates to spend Valentine’s Day with. And it’s safe, you get to date from the comfort of your couch. Hot, I know. One more month ‘til we get our kilts on and drinks on. We can’t wait.

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