ROARINGWILD FW21 "THE CROWD" Interprets Online Anger

After launching SS21 “ECHO CHAMBER”, Chinese streetwear label ROARINGWILD has continued the theme of the Internet and unveiled its Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

Dubbed “THE CROWD”, the FW21 lineup is inspired by the book The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind, which investigates impulsiveness and lack of judgment as the nature of crowd psychology.  Through this season’s collection, the imprint expresses its view on the status quo and visualizes the anger of the Internet society.

Featuring fragmented layers and asymmetric tailoring,  the assemblage includes bomber jackets, track jackets, sweatshirts, trench coats, and harem pants. The assemblage sees a dark palette selection with muted neutral tones like gray, stone, and cream – highlighted by bright colors such as red and violet. Graphics such as the heads in a crowd and individual faces are printed on the sweatshirts and jackets to further illustrate the bandwagon spirit.

If you are interested in the pieces displayed above, the new ROARINGWILD 2021 Fall/Winter collection is slated to drop shortly.

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