Reigning Champ Drops Premium "West 4th" Mini Hoop

After dropping a baseball-focused “Legacy of Slub” collection, Reigning Champ returns to deliver a fun new premium mini basketball hoop, arriving as an interactive showpiece for indoor spaces and entryways. As a long-time collaborator with Spalding for custom-branded indoor basketballs, the new offering continues RC’s commitment to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for youth through sports.

The monochromatic white hoops are limited to 100 units and feature a custom-perforated backboard in 16-gauge steel, a laser-cut monogram logo in the center, and a spring-loaded rim. Each set also comes with an embossed mini leather basketball and mounting hardware. “From coast to coast, we pay respect to our roots in Vancouver’s eponymous west side neighborhood, while taking inspiration from ‘The Cage’ on New York’s West Fourth Street, the nostalgic streetball mecca where basketball legends from past and present turn pick-up games into rites of passage,” writes Reigning Champ on the inner box cover.

The Reigning Champ West 4th Mini Hoop is now available online.

In other news, HUMAN MADE delivers a second “HOUSEWARE” collection.
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