Reebok Unveils a Trio of Nature-Inspired Premier Road Modern Mid Colorways

An effective strategy that sportswear brands will utilize nowadays is introducing a footwear silhouette in collaborative form before rolling out GR makeups. And that’s exactly the case for Reebok and its Premier Road Modern Mid silhouette lately because after launching alongside KANGHYUK in a duo of makeups, it’s now unveiled a trio of inline nature-inspired iterations.

In a similar fashion to the aforementioned team-ups with the South Korean label, these new installments are also crafted with a monochromatic motif. All of these renditions serve as an overt nod to tactical hiking boots and the tonal themes are symbolic of nature-esque elements of sea, forest and sand. First up on the roster is a “Forest Moss” iteration that’s perfect for the Fall/Winter seasons. The second offering is dialed to a much brighter color scheme as it comes wrapped with full “Sand” uppers and bottoms. The final piece to the puzzle is the “Indigo Navy” variation which channels the look and feel of the ocean.

Interested in copping? The new set of colorways are slated to release throughout July 2022 for $220 USD a piece via Reebok.

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