Recreate the Classic Master Roshi Vs. King Piccolo Scene With This 'Dragon Ball' Blanket and Rice Cooker Pillow

Premium Bandai has just gone deeper into the history of the Dragon Ball franchise to deliver a forgotten relic to its fans.

This home good takes the shape of the infamous electronic rice cooker that was used by Master Roshi to seal King Piccolo — which he eventually could not complete. Using the Evil Containment Wave move learned from Master Mutaito, who successfully captured King Piccolo in a pink rice cooker, the technique takes a toll on its user, often killing them.

This blanket/pillow combo faithfully captures the nostalgia of that scene as a 66cm x 95cm blanket showing a swirling Piccolo and a standing Master Roshi can be stored in the plush rice cooker that also acts as a pillow. Priced at ¥8,800 JPY ($84 USD), the Dragon BallEvil Containment Wave Blanket and Rice Cooker Pillow will drop today over at P-Bandai JP.

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