Prince William & Kate Middleton Come Down Harder on Racist Abuse in Football Than They Ever Did on Meghan Markle's Racist Attackers

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are facing backlash from fans due to their recent Instagram post condemning racist abuse in football. Their message was prompted after multiple football stars revealed they received racist attacks online. You might be wondering why Prince William and Kate Middleton are under fire for their recent post. Well, while their online statement was an incredibly important and vital step in further denouncing racism, it left many people wondering why the royal couple never spoke out so forcibly when Meghan Markle was on the other side of the same vicious abuse on a daily basis. This kind of harmful rhetoric was undoubtedly part of Meghan and Prince Harry’s decision to step down as royal members and leave the U.K, so where were Prince William and Kate then?

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“Racist abuse – whether on the pitch, in the stands, or on social media – is despicable and it must stop now,” the statement began. Prince William who is the president of the Football Association continued, “We all have a responsibility to create an environment where such abuse is not tolerated, and those who choose to spread hate and division are held accountable for their actions. That responsibility extends to the platforms where so much of this activity now takes place.”

“I commend all those players, supporters, clubs and organisations who continue to call out and condemn this abuse in the strongest terms. W,” the Duke of Cambridge signed off the post. Almost immediately, people drew comparisons to Meghan’s own experience with racist abuse.

“Except when it’s aimed at your sis in law, right?” one user snapped while another wrote, “Wait, I’m so hurt by this. Where was this specific sentiment when Meghan suffered repeated abuse? I can’t believe what I’m reading. To not even reference her here. Some olive branch this is.. wow.”

One Instagrammer wrote, “Wish u had the same energy when Meghan was being slandered by the British media and public.”

It’s understandable why many might be frustrated with Prince William’s post. Had he issued a similar statement in response to the attacks against his sister in law and publicly supported her, perhaps the outcome might have been different. Either way, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge condemning racism is a huge step in the right direction — we just wish it happened sooner.

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