'Party Down' Star Jane Lynch Never Wants to Work with Sue Sylvester & Here's Why

When an actor spends a lot of time embodying their character, they get to know them, whether they’d like to or not. Jane Lynch and Ken Marino, stars of the new season of Party Down (available now on Starz), talked to SheKnows’ Reshma Gopaldas about their characters through the years and their hilarious Party Down characters Constance and Ron.

“I would quit before I would work with Sue Sylvester,” Lynch says of whether she would spend a catering shift alongside her iconic Glee character. “She would sabotage me,” she adds, noting that Constance would especially “not be able to stand up to her.”

For Marino, he wouldn’t want to spend much time with his characters either. “Most characters I play are a**** and then every once in a while I play like a pathetic a****,” Marino says. “I would probably say that someone who has similar DNA to Ron would be Streeter, (from The Other Two),” he explains, adding “they would probably get along.”

As for their Party Down characters, which they’re reprising after over 13 years off the air, the two talked about how they would write each other’s big finales. “You lose all of your money and you get sepsis from a dog kissing you on the lips,” Lynch says of Ron, before adding, “you have to have all of your limbs removed.” Marino then quipped, “I’m just a torso.”

Marino’s pitch for Constance’s ending, however, was a little more convincing. “I think that Constance’s final episode she is flying with all the billionaires to live on Mars and she’s thrilled about it,” he says. “She packed light and she brought some incense and then of course when she’s on the spaceship heading towards Mars, the incense gets into the filters and f*** up the engine and the whole thing explodes.” Talk about a dark imagination!

In the talk, Lynch and Marino also remembered what it was like to be back on set together after so many years. “It was old home week,” Lynch says. “It was great seeing everybody and I’ve never worked with Megan [Mullally] in this before – well, we had a little to do in the second season at the end – so it was really fun to set something up with her, but it was like coming home again.”

“It felt like nobody missed a beat,” Marino adds. “We just showed up and it was like another day at work on Party Down which was, for the first two seasons, some of the best memories I’ve ever had in front of the camera, but even more importantly behind the camera and getting to know everybody. The friendships are great.”

Lynch and Marino as Constance and Ron make this a party you won’t want to miss.

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