Parra Unveils ‘Waking Up’ With Case Studyo

Parra recently unveiled his latest exhibition of work at Ruttkowski;68 in Paris and there was a large-scale sculpture that is arguably the hallmark of the show. For those looking to collect and not quite trying to bring that big a piece into their home, the acclaimed Dutch artist worked with Case Studyo on a smaller sculpture titled Waking Up.

Released in both a dark blue and cool grey iteration, Waking Up is the successor to the 2017 bronze and marble edition Sleeping. As with the last piece, the new work examines Parra’s interest in the feminine form and depicts a sleeping figure who is just waking from their slumber. “Although we catch the figure off guard in a most vulnerable position,” said a statement by Case Studyo, “she is not ready to give up all her secrets yet. Her face remains shrouded by her voluminous hair as she continues to be a mystery.”

Each version of Waking Up is an edition of eight, plus four artist proofs. The sculpture measures at 35 x 21 x 18 cm and comes signed and numbered by the artist in a custom screen printed wooden box.

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