'Outlander' Season 7 Ep. 2 Recap: A Murderer Revealed, A Birth & Sad Goodbye for Jamie & Claire

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Outlander Season7, Episode 1 premiere episode, “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Not since season 2, episode 13 of Outlander, where Jamie and Claire danced apart for 20 years, has there been an episode that has rocked this show to its core as much as “The Happiest Place on Earth.” It is an episode that changes Jamie and Claire’s lives in ways that will reverberate for hundreds of years. And it all happens in just 58 minutes. Last week, Tom Christie gave his life to save Claire’s life. Jamie took Richard Brown’s life to make all the Browns who ever walked the earth regret what they did to Claire for all time. And no one was sad. No one. This episode welcomes a new baby into the family, reveals Malva’s murderer, has Claire and Ian burying a body, and of course, in typical rip your heart out, pick it up, hug it and then drop it on the ground and step on it Outlander fashion, it involves a devastating separation.

But most of all, it’s one of those episodes that will make you realize we are sadly that much closer to the end of Outlander, and it brilliantly entertains the way it did in season 1. This is one of the strongest episodes of Outlander in years. It will break your heart no less than 5 times, but then fill it right up again.

Allan Christie Returns and then Leaves Forever, Bye

Ah, Claire is peacefully picking herbs and judging from her longer hair, Outlander has time jumped us a little since the premiere. As long as it’s not 20 years, this is fine. You can always tell how much time has passed judging by Claire bear’s hair care.

Allan starts talking about how much he misses Malva. And then oh no, it takes a turn. A real turn. In his little mini Malva graveside eulogy he starts talking about her “wee privates” and compares them to a flower. End this man please. Luckily, Claire basically does. If looks could kill, Claire would have killed Allan Christie in this moment. Be happy that Claire Fraser has never looked at you that way. Because you’d be gone. Not like the wind. But as if you never even existed.

Allan reveals he was the baby’s father and killed her. Claire is mad. The saddest part of this is Allan tells Claire he had to kill Malva because she refused to lie anymore because it was hurting Claire. “She said she loved you,” he tells Claire. He then flashes back to Malva telling him, “I don’t love you.” I’m going to go ahead and say, other than Malva saying, “I don’t love you,” they could have skipped the flashbacks of Allan abusing Malva.

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